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This steam, or löylyä is mandatory for a true sauna experience. . Available in several different colors. Keep at least a 12 inch minimum distance in front of baseboard and from objects hanging above (i. Bottom Panel Top Panel Panel Bench Heater Panel Front Panel Left Side Panel Right Side Panel Back Panel Accessories. Remove the fuse and check to see if the metal filament is blown. Studies have found that just 30 minutes in the sauna can decrease blood pressure.

EVOLVING CONTROL TECHNOLOGY. For optimum comfort, use a Cadet electronic wall thermostat, or the EBKN model thermostat, which replaces the endcap on your heater. 5 Soft touch keypad A. Built in air chambers speed up air soft heat sauna owners manual and heat distribution and contributes to its energy efficiency. Have the sauna rewired so that it is on a dedicated circuit breaker.

The large rock mass provides a soft, radiant heat even when running at full temperature, and the heaters are designed and safety listed for water to be ladled over the rocks to further enhance the sauna experience. It is the body’s natural way to cleanse itself through perspiration. Pay Per Programs Available Pay-Per-View Services What you x ll find in this chapter x x DISH O EMAND. Harvia Wood Burning Sauna Heater Model 20 for the Traditional Sauna Experience Soft heat, soft steam and a crackling fire!

The Denali sauna comes with the 9kW stainless steel Virta heater. Ideal Temperature For a Sauna – Use the Rule of 200. Regular users get pain relief from a list of ailments such as arthritis and sports injury and skin complaints such as acne, eczema and psoriasis can also be treated.

Plug the power cord into a 120 volt AC electrical outlet. Manuals and free owners instruction pdf guides. Slide down the bench heater panel by lining up its sides with the vertical guides on the left and right side wall panel. Check Heater Location.

If so, then replace the fuse. The high heat (average of 180° F) and the low humidity (about 25%) create an environment which promotes over-all perspiration and the deep cleansing of pores. The Virta heater provides an even and soft heat with high-reaching temperatures. In a traditional sauna, the temperature and humidity interact and can be controlled by splashing water on the rocks. CONTACT USWARRANTY CLAIMS com CUSTOMER SERVICE com BECOME A DEALER The Heart of the Pure Sauna Experience. Soft Heat Inc described in the category Business.

• Pre-heat for approx. We&39;ve been building saunas for 40+ years. See packing list below. With the addition of a Saunatonttu heater, the sauna heat up time is halved.

Helo&39;s sauna heater factory is located in Hanko, a beautiful seaside city on the Southern tip of Finland on the Gulf of Finland. C Documents and Settings Ty Reiber ntuser. The Tylo Sense Combi is quite simply the most sophisticated sauna heater on the market - the only heater that lets you enjoy traditional or Soft Sauna in one and the same room. CILINDRO HEATER sauna Owner&39;s/Operator&39;s Manual Sauna heater installation, wiring, operating instructions, troubleshooting, maintenance and guarantee. Besides being on a circuit breaker, an electric sauna heater also has built in safeguards with the inline fuse. For Standard and Plus/Deluxe models, set controller to desired setting. page 1 operation manual warranty electronic zone heating systems model 1500 safe-soft-comfortable please read this manual.

It has a subtle modern elegance, and is specifically designed for our larger 6-person saunas. The system heats up the rocks evenly and the sauna warms up quickly. What is the best sauna heater? We call it Soft Sauna. The 9kw Stainless Steel Virta Heater is powerful, stylish, and easy to use. Can a sauna heater blow a fuse? The heater is built out of 22-gauge steel for durability. An important Note to our Customers.

Can be wired on either end of the heater. For your safety, ALWAYS unplug your sauna before you either disconnect and remove, or replace and reconnect any of it&39;s internal components. If there is a short, or a large electrical pulse through the wires, the fuse will blow. We perform necessary safety tests as set out by CSA, UL and CE to assure your continued personal safety while enjoying the use of. Designed to use wood in place of electricity with very effective flame circulation system.

com clip and return the warranty card below. Traditional woodburning saunas really go to the heart of the pure sauna experience: the incomparably soft heat, lush hiss of steam and relaxing crackle of a wood-fueled fire. If the problem is not found with the circuit breaker, the problem could be located with the placement of the heater itself. Soft Heat Sauna Owners Manual Those struggling with high blood pressure could make their doctors happy by adding sauna sessions to other efforts to bring those numbers down. Push the bench heater panel all the way down until it is touching the floor panel and securely in place. When you splash water on sauna rocks, water vapor transfers heat energy from the rocks to the surrounding air. Garage, basement, attic, playroom, bedroom, or garden. soft heat sauna There are several important features of the infrared sauna that make it special.

Choice of wall mounted controls. Soft touch key 6. A traditional sauna generally takes between minutes to fully heat up.

. Download Soft heat sauna operating manual That number is just since. • The optimal sauna experience occurs between 100° and 130°F. The integrated steam functionality provides soft sauna, steam and traditional dry sauna.

5 - INSTALLING UNDER BENCH SUPPORT. With high reaching temperatures and and large amount of sauna. Made in in Great Working Condition. The Virta heater provides an even and soft heat, creating a balanced experience, both physically and mentally. com US Toll Free:. Insert the pad into the cloth cover. The result is a soft heat that is efficiently prod Polar HNVR 80 Electric Sauna Heater – Superior Saunas Polar HMR-45 Sauna Heater for sauna rooms 100 to 200 cubic feet that features built in controls. Long-live ceramic infrared heater.

What is sunlighten infrared heat? Note: Most soft heat sauna owners manual people prefer to enjoy their sauna at temperatures betweendegrees Fahrenheit for traditional saunas anddegrees Fahrenheit for infrared saunas. At Infrared Saunas we are delighted to now sell Soft Heat Sauna products through our website.

Owner’s/Operator’s Manual Manuel de l’utilisateur/opérateur Sauna heater installation, wiring, operating instructions, troubleshooting, maintenance and guarantee. During this time, the rocks will be heated to the perfect temperature for soft heat and soft steam. . On this page you can find detailed information about the "Soft Heat Inc".

even the ritual of tending the fire. ; page 2: warranty cardto register warranty online or for dealer inquiries go to www. A soft sauna combi-heater is similar to a traditional sauna heater, with the main difference being the addition of a water tank. View these real-world installed sauna heaters for ideas about your next sauna, guard rails, etc. It is a heritage sauna enthusiasts have treasured for thousands of years.

Check to make sure that the electric sauna heater is positioned at least 10 inches from the floor of the sauna. Our facility includes a sauna house and outdoor sauna that is used by our employees and our guests. Depending on room temperature, your sauna will heat up a degree per minute. "Soft Heat Inc" is located in Calgary.

The choice is yours. SoftHeat EBHN heaters require a thermostat. (see Figure 1) 2. Infrared Sauna Repair sells both OEM and aftermarket replacement infrared sauna parts and equipment to keep your sauna running smoothly. NOTE: PLS DO NOT MIX PACKAGE (MEANS PARTS FROM DIFFERENT BOXES CAN NOT BE INSTALLED TOGETHER, OR EXCHANGED).

WARNING: soft heat sauna owners manual Do not use this sauna to treat any health problems without consulting your physician. This “combi heater” provides the flexibility to use the room as either a traditional hot and dry sauna or a mild temperature sauna with higher humidity. SAUNA SESSIONS • Begin your session when your sauna reaches 100°F. • Use Bamboo Carbon Towels to absorb sweat during sessions. The heat is efficiently transferred to the rocks.

Traditional saunas use steam to heat the air inside the sauna, which then heats your body until you begin to perspire. SAUNA is the only bath in the world in which both dry and damp air is present at the same time. 8 o 5 kW kW kW US IntertekETL. A gentle way to share a pleasurable experience. We have a great article about converting a spare room into a sauna that includes a section on centering, mounting, and installing your sauna heater. Dimensions are 45" W x 44" D x 76. Be careful not to scratch the side panels when positioning the heater panel. Infrared Sauna Repair however is not responsible for any damage during removal or reinstallation of your sauna control system.

Once the fuse is blown the heater will not work. ality, and service, realtek has successfully bu. With Sunlighten infrared heat, you are empowered to improve your quality of life. The health benefits of Soft Heat Sauna’s are extensive.

6 Long-life ceramic infrared heater and carbon fiber heater Sauna Outside Measurement Model Number inch GSE-1 36×36×75 GE2 48×48×75 GSE-2 48×48×75 GSE-3 60×49×75 GSE-4 69×53×75 GSE-3C 59×59×75 Front 23. qx 5/24/06 7:20 PM Dry Heat Therapy 1. Comes apart for easy transport - components slide into place ; and lock for stability. Infrared saunas only need a temperature of up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit to obtain the same effect.

What is the best thermostat for a soft heat heater? Page 5: Dry/Moist Heat Therapy Dunlap_SoftHeat_OM. Left side board E. In order for this to be effective, temperatures would need to reach in the upwards of 190 degrees Fahrenheit. Each unit uses a Xenio digital control pad that can be mounted inside or outside of your soft heat sauna owners manual sauna for easy access.

This award winning sauna heater design will heat your sauna room fast and with ease. 3-persons sauna, corner sauna and 4-persons sauna are packed in 3cartons, for example: C/NO: 002 1OF 3, C/NO: 002 2 OF 3 and C/NO: 002 3 OF 3 are for one unit; Make sure all parts are present before installing the unit. You can call the company by phone Soft Heat Incor send a fax to.

MODEL CONTROL CX30-U1-U3 CX45-U1-U3 6. The service we provide will restore your sauna to original manufacturer&39;s specifications. Find the user manual and the help you need for the products you own at ManualsOnline. For a letter, use the address 4828 Pacific Rd Ne, Calgary, Alberta T2E 5S5, Calgary, T2E 5S5.

· This Sauna has been used less than 10 times & it is time for it to have a new home! Combi (Soft Sauna) The Tylo Sense Combi is quite simply the most sophisticated sauna heater on the market - the only heater that lets you enjoy traditional or Soft Sauna in one and the same room. See all downloads >.

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